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Alternative Fuel Division

Fuel tanker

Modern Fuel Solutions

Step into the future with eco-friendly alternative fuel options from the team at Amtek Construction. We can provide you with expertise in choosing from a wide array of different commercially viable alternative fuels.

Step away from standard gasoline or diesel fuel and power your vehicles with one of the different options we have available. Contact us to learn more about the fuel solutions we can provide.

Explore Your Fuel Options

From liquefied or compressed natural gas to hydrogen, you can find a wide array of different fueling options here. Compressed natural gas is currently the most commercially viable alternative fuel.

CNG is natural gas supplied by local utilities compressed to a pressure of 3,000 psi or higher. This compression allows gas to be stored on board a vehicle to be comparable to standard fuel. As natural gas is currently 2/3 the price of diesel, it is a relatively inexpensive choice in fuel.
Call 562-696-7111 for answers to your alternative fuel questions.
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